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Argentinian artist, born in the city of Bahía Blanca, Province of  Buenos Aires. Scenographer . Studied art at Escuela de Artes Plásticas (PROA) and took lessons with the painters Julia Vitale,  and Ignacio Crespo as well as with the internationally renowned Argentinian sculptor Rafael Martín. Since 1977 she has taken part in Municipal, Regional and National Salons and has organised exhibitions with fellow artists  both in several cities of Argentina– including the capital, Buenos Aires– and in Montevideo (Uruguay).


Since the year 1989  she has organised individual exhibits of her drawings, xylographies and sculptures in her hometown, Bahía Blanca. She´s been invited to participate in the Muestra de Pintores Argentinos en la Sala de Prensa de la Casa Rosada ( Exhibition of  Argentinian  Painters in the Press Conference Room of  Casa Rosada; seat of the national government ).


Reproductions of her works are in the archives of Shakespeare´s Globe (London). And original pieces are now part of private collections in Argentina (Bahía Blanca, V. Carlos Paz, Viedma); America (Aspen, Los Angeles and New York), Brazil, Peru and Spain.

Awards: 2º Prize in Paiting - Tout Petit 1977 (Tandil), 1º  Mention in Engraving-Salón Regional Bahía Blanca 1984, 1º Prize in Engraving-Salón Pequeño Formato ABAP 1988, Special Mention in Engraving-Salón Pequeño Formato ABAP 1989 and 1º Prize in Engraving-Salón Pequeño Formato ABAP 1990

Tags: antecedents, art studies, awards, biography, drawing, engraving, painting, sculpting, synopsis, teachers

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